A wedding space to try and design! Don't rely on bad online store photos and confusing size information and do not wander about, looking for the perfect wedding decoration of the church, the registry office and the wedding banquet. Do not unnecessarily buy things that actually do not really fit together. You will achieve the best results by first try and then buy targeted!


In our Hochzeitsraum in Vienna 7 you have the opportunity, not only to see it all in reality, but also to try and design your own, optimal and harmonious wedding concept! Take table runners, table confetti, give aways, place cards, tapes etc. and design your own concept.


Since there had always been our MAKE MY DAY spirit, that DIY is satisfying, we offer not only creative workshops, but also this new and unique opportunity to get a perfect wedding experience without unnecessary purchases and emergency solutions!


If you have the opportunity, join us in our wedding room and take your wedding actually in your own hand! We of course support you with help and advice! Avoid using online purchases at many different vendors, but looking at everything in peace in our wedding room!


The new wedding room in Vienna 7 - the perfect expansion of our wedding shop in Mödling near Vienna!


Also all the wedding guests, witnesses, new parents and godparents are welcome to join us, because we offer an incredibly wide range of gifts, wedding eve equipment, christening items, wedding and christening candles and billets in Vienna 7!