Maria & Jocki



Dear MAKE MY DAY-Team,


We had a wonderful wedding in the Danube tower in Vienna. We did it during a river cruise while the ship was docked on the opposite side of the river. A stretched limo picked us up this sunny and very hot day. Bubbly served in the limo which then took us to the tower where two lovely ladies greeted us with big smiles and hugs, and from there on they took the best ever care of us, until we were married.


A photographer was arranged who met up with us already at the ship, where we took some pics and then ofcourse a lot of pics were taken during the beautiful ceremony as well as after the ceremony in the surroundings of the tower. Everything was taken care of so we only had to get dressed and walk out into the limo on the dockside.. Just the two of us but the best day of our lives and absolutely no stress prior to the wedding :-)


Maria & Johan

17th July, 2015